An Amazing Personality Diagnosis Determined by Your Finger Length?!


Personality Analysis by the Length of the Finger?
Psychologist and Professor of English John Manning has researched differences in personality and attributes between the differences in length between the index finger and ring finger over the past 10 years,  introduces a list of traits of people’s personality and talents below.


According to Professor Manning “If the ring finger is longer than the index finger“and “If the index finger is longer than the ring finger” is known to have the following unique features.

A longer ring finger than the index finger

Masculine Traits
bold personality
thrill-seeking and risk-taking
a music lover
often left-handed
good at: football, rugby, basketball, running
a powerful person

A long human index finger than the ring finger

Feminine Traits
in the case of women: housewives, government officials, health care workers
nervous or neurotic

in the case of men, higher probability of homosexuality
in the case of children, anxious or afraid
less outgoing
excellent language skills

How about you?
During the course of his research, Professor Manning bathed large amounts of male hormone and female hormone in a developing fetus and discovered that male hormone receptors are more densely accumulated on the ring finger which causes increased growth of the finger. On the other hand, the growth of the index finger is impacted by the accumulation density of female hormone receptors. Therefore, male or female traits in human beings can be identified and based on the relative differences in length between he ring finger and the index finger.

I think the above analysis is not always accurate in every case but can provide some deeper insight and better understanding.

is your personality (relative finger length) reflected in the above research?


source: Hands up! How your fingers reveal so much about you…