China’s Concrete Consumption is Simply Astonishing and Awe-Inspiring!!!



This graph is a comparison image of three years of China’s concrete usage (from 2011-2013) and 100 years of American concrete usage (from 1901-2000). The United States used 4.5 Gigatons (1 Gigatons = 1 Billion tons) of concrete over a 100 year period while China used 6.6 Gigatons of concrete in just 3 years!!

This statistic is simply astonishing and is almost impossible to comprehend.

In fact, Bill Gates (Co-Founder of Microsoft) expressed his surprise about the above information on Twitter!

Since, it is incomprehensible to understand just how much concrete China has recently used, a calculation and comparison was used below to make it a little easier to visualise. 6.6 Gigatons (6.6 billion tons) would equal the “Round Trip” distance from the earth to the moon (760,000 km) x 3.5 Times 

3.5 Round Trips to the Moon or 2,660,000 km of Concrete!!!

That is a lot of concrete used in just 3 years…

The world’s largest dam is the “Three Gorges Dam” in China (shown in the photo below) and is one example of how concrete has been used in China. This project used 160,000 tons of Concrete to complete its construction!

Economic development in China has dramatically increased the demand for concrete to levels never seen before. Compared to the United States in the 20th century, the usage of Concrete in China is massive and unprecedented.

China now accounts for 60% of the concrete production volume of the world and it is used almost exclusively for domestic infrastructure and urban development, in other words, 100% of the concrete produced in China is used in China and this trend is expected to continue in the future.

What do you think about this situation?