Amazing Experiment Showing Intimacy in Relationships in Just 4 Minutes!


Here are the images of a very interesting experiment!
The video shows, In the 4 minute study, the intimacy of each couple is measured based on the alignment of the eyes. The experiment involved 6 sets of 12 people in different stages of intimacy and relationships.

2 strangers are meeting for the first time.
A couple meeting on their 4th date.
A couple who has been dating for 1 year.
A couple who has been together for 5 years.
A newlywed couple after 2 years.
A married couple who has been together for 55 years.

Does the experiment show how relationships change over time?
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The Result・・・All of the Couples showed increases in the level of intimacy!

Anyone who has a conversation will initiate and maintain eye contact which leads to smiles and the development of natural intimacy!

This way, I think that there is a Profound Impact!
You may want to try this experiment on another person to see if it really works!
How about trying this technique with someone that you would like a relationship with?

source: YouTube