Romantic Archaeology Finds Couples Hugging from 6,000 Years Ago!!


The remains of young men and women from Ancient Greece hugging each other has been discovered!

On July 12, the Greece Ministry of Culture announced that an archaeological team had discovered the prehistoric skeleton remains of young men and women hugging each other which is extremely rare.

According to the ministry statement, the remains were discovered in caves near the town of Diros on the Peloponessian Peninsula where it is believed that people lived about 6,000 years ago.

This type of burial is extremely rare and is the oldest example of such a burial found according to the Ministry.

source: AFP

These remains date from 3800 BC which makes this skeletal couple almost 6,000 years old!

Teeth are clearly visible on one of the remains and it appears that the couple are hugging from behind which is a little unusual?

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This couple has been hugging for the last 6,000 years and is amazing to see!!

source: AFP