A Sleeping Woman from South Korea was Attacked by a Robot Vacuum Cleaner!!!

Here is a photo of a strange and unusual accident which recently occurred in South Korea which has become a huge topic of discussion with online viewers worldwide!
A 52-year-old woman had been taking a nap on the floor after she had activated the robot vacuum cleaner. The robot vacuum cleaner inadvertently snagged the sleeping woman’s hair and she was awakened by the machine painfully pulling her hair deeper inside with ever increasing pain! The fire department and emergency medical personnel was contacted and the woman was rescued from her unusual predicament!

Although this particular robot vacuum cleaner’s suction power is relatively weak, the woman’s carelessness was the main reason for the incident. In addition, the robot vacuum cleaner is purported to be used continuously in the woman’s house which led to the hair-raising situation.

source: SUNDAY

Here is a photo of the robot vacuum cleaner which is manufactured by Dyson which was involved in the above incident.

Online Comments

・This was like an alien attack!
・Did the robot actually this woman?
・Don’t fall asleep on the floor when the robot vacuum cleaner is operating.
・This is just the movie “Terminator”!

source: reddit.com

This small catastrophe at home could happen anywhere at anytime!

While a robot vacuum cleaner is convenient home appliance, please be careful of how you operate this device!


source: geek.com