This Beautiful Boxer Puppy is a Boisterous Bundle of Howling Joy!!!


Here is a 3-week-old boxer puppy arriving at his new home. He is so young that he cannot even bark properly yet! Please enjoy these adorable images and video of this pretty puppy!

Here is our puppy relaxing in the arms of his owner. Note the bashful eyes!


Both the puppy and the owner join in together and howl together! The puppy still cannot howl like an adult dog at this time.

After trying many times without success, the puppy finally lets out a sound of “Bugo!”. It is simply adorable!

The owner gives her puppy a loving kiss on the nose. What a cute couple!

See Video Here

I think that this dog is so delightful at this age and size but it will soon grow into quite a large dog!

source: YouTube