See the Shocking Ultra-Fashionable Suits and Shoes of the “Sapuru” of the Congo!!!

Here are some well dressed African gentlemen dressed in very colorful suits and shiny shoes!

The Sapuru of the Congo.

These images are of the fashionable gentlemen of the Congo and are called “the Sapuru” which is derived from the French acronym “Société des Ambianceurs et des Personnes Elégantes” (SAPE). The Japanese translation comes out as “stylish and elegant gentleman association”.


These men from the Congo region in Africa tend to wear luxurious first-class brand suits of dazzling colors giving the impression of wealth and sophistication.

However, the average monthly income of people in this region is just JPY 30,000 yen. This means that these expensive business suits cost more than half of a person’s annual income!
“Sapuru” fashion is very popular in the Congo! When other people see these men strolling down the street, people stare at them with envy!

It may be dusty and dirty but these men look like fashion models with their gorgeous clothes and shiny shoes!

They look really cool!


See Video Here

See Video Here

source: YouTube
source: YouTube