The Adorable Image Adorned the Flag of the Kingdom of Dahomey in Africa!!!

There are a lot of unusual flags of nations all over the world and among them is the flag of the former kingdom of “Dahomey” in Africa. Here is the flag pictured above and it is simple adorable with an elephant wearing a crown!

The Kingdom of Dahomey.

Dahomey was name of the former kingdom in what is now the Republic of Benin in central Africa. The Kingdom of Dahomey was founded in the 17th century by the French army and survived into the 19th century until it was incorporated into French West Africa along with Senegal.

source: Wikipedia: Kingdom of Dahomey

Here is the central image of the flag of Dahomey which features a large African elephant wearing a golden crown.


Dahomey was a territorial possession of France from the second half of the nineteenth century for almost 100 years until it became a self-governing country in 1958 and gained its independence in 1960 as the “Republic of Dahomey”. The country was renamed the “People’s Republic of Benin” in 1975 and was renamed again as the “Republic of Benin” in 1990.

The lovely figure of the elephant which is also a symbol of Africa featured on its national flag.

source: Wikipedia: Kingdom of Dahomey