Delinquent Dog Adventures is a Sad, Funny and Cute Drama to Enjoy!!!

Two dogs left at home when an empty bag of candy was discovered on the floor. One of the pets is guilty, either Barry or Denver. The owner will question them and try to find out who is the delinquent dog!

A Candy bag after being eaten by someone that was left as evidence.


Here is the first suspect, a dog named Barry.


There was no reaction from Barry when questioned about the eaten snack. “Are you familiar with this?”.


Here is the second suspect, a dog named Denver. Does he have a suspicious look in his eyes?


Denver hangs his head down when questioned about the eaten snack. His owner asks “Are you familiar with this?”


Denver looks like he is about to cry. He is obviously upset…


Finally, Denver walks silently away from his master. He looks guilty to me.


See Video Here

The culprit as you might have guessed is Denver the dog. His facial expressions and body language was so human that his sad story became really popular online!

Denver the Guilty Dog