See a Wonderful Expression of Sportsmanship After a Professional Tennis Match!!!

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An unexpected display of sportsmanship and fair play recently took place that captured the attention of online viewers from all around the world at the conclusion of a professional tennis match when the losing player starts to rush toward his opponent carrying a chair at the same time!

Here is one of the players serving in an attempt win the tennis match!

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After the ball hits the net and ending the match, it is customary for both players to approach the net and shake hands!

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The player who has lost the match is seen running toward the centre of the tennis court.

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And he is carrying a chair at the same time! What is he doing?

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It seems that there is quite a disparity in size between the two players and the losing player was going to use the chair to stand on and make eye contact with the match winner who is quite tall!

source: YouTube

The fans watching the match applaud this wonderful expression of sportsmanship and fair play!
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In professional sports, competition is so fierce and play so intense that this scene is quite remarkable!

Please watch the extended video below!

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source: youtube