See a Motorcycle Daredevil Surfing on the Ocean in These Awe-Inspiring Video Images!!!

source: YouTube
Australia motocross rider “Lobby Madison” has performed a number of death-defying stunts such as jumping over a canal judged to be nearly 80 meters wide as well as a jump through the “Arc de Triumphe” in Paris!

However, his dream was the seemingly impossible feat of “riding a wave with a motorcycle” which he was recently able to do and was captured on video for viewers around the world to marvel at!

A daredevil dream comes true.

This challenge was a promotion of the “DC Shoes” brand.

This location in Tahiti is famous for its world famous surfing waves while the rider will be wearing motocross jerseys, boots, helmets and goggles for this incredible challenge!

▼ The rider will surely drown if he falls over with this heavy equipment.
source: YouTube

▼ Here is the rider and motorbike running on the surface of the water.
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What a cool sight!

▼ This is specially designed bike!
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▼ The surfing challenge begins!
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▼ Cool!
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▼ He challenges a huge wave aggressively.
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▼ Is this is a rock in the middle of the waves?
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▼ The bike has disappeared into the waves!
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▼ Wow! The rider and bike suddenly appears from the white surf! This is too cool!
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Please take a look and watch the extended video below.

See Video Here

“Lobby Madison” has succeeded in this incredible challenge!

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