Watch a Cute Video of a Finicky Feline Preparing for Sleep in a Customized Cat-Sized Bed!!!

source: YouTube

Here are some video images of a cute cat named “Pyo” who is feeling sleepy and is about to go to bed! However, this cat has a customized cat-sized bed that is so adorable that this video posted on YouTube has quickly become a huge hit with online viewers everywhere!

Here is the sleepy cat on her way to her bedroom!

source: YouTube

“Pyo” is now approaching her bed. It is so cute!

source: YouTube

A lovely pose by the cat next to her bed!

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After jumping onto her bed, this finicky feline needs to make some minor adjustments!

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Next, the pillow also needs some minor adjustments.

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“Pyo” checks to see if her favourite stuffed toy is nearby.

source: YouTube

Finally, the bed is ready for this sleepy cat!

source: YouTube

Sweet dreams and I hope that “Pyo” has a wonderful sleep with happy dreams!

soure: YouTube

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Please watch and enjoy the extended video below.

See Video Here

source: YouTube

source: youtube