Watch a Video of a Talented Teenage Girl Making Music on the Spot While Walking!!!

source: YouTube
Do you know this female artist?

Here are some video images of a musician from Hawaii named “Kawehi” She is a musician who performs all of the instruments on her music as well as sing her self-written lyrics! Her videos have generated a huge amount of buzz with online viewers everywhere!

This is Kawehi.

She became famous when her video was uploaded to YouTube about 4 years ago. Have you seen it?

She has performed a cover of Michael Jackson’s “The Way You Make Me Feel” using her own equipment and the sound is amazing!

Please take a look and watch the extended video below.

See Video Here

Her music sounds amazing!

She has a small music loop machine on her stomach and a keyboard on her arm!
source: YouTube

She makes music while she walking down the street!
source: YouTube

Some people are quite surprised when they see this artist performing in this way!
source: YouTube

How is she is able carry all of those devices on her and sing at the same time?
source: YouTube

Although, she is wearing all of her equipment on her body wrapped in industrial tape, she sounds terrific and has a bright future as a performer!

See Video Here

She is going to have a concert tour in the United States and in Europe in the near future!

Please click on the website link for more information on Kawehi’s concert tour here. / youtube