See the Creation of a Craft Beer Made from Recycled Sewage Water in the USA!!!


A delicious beer made from recycled sewage water?

Here is a craft beer made from recycled sewage water that has been created by a company in the state of California in the United States called Stone Brewery that has become a big topic of discussion with online viewers from all around the world!


It seems hard to believe that this water is able to create a drinkable beer since clean and pure water is an essential ingredient in creation of traditional beer!


A delicious finish.

It seems that the taste of this beer is surprisingly delicious and many people are both shocked and delighted to taste this beer after finding out the actual source of the water!



This “full circulation beer” seems to have tried by many people gathered at the event including the mayor of San Diego.


What do you think?

In city of San Diego, there is a plan to recycle and reuse up to 33% of all of the water used by 2021 so this beer project is one of the city’s efforts to promote to usage of recycled water among its citizens.

The creation of a delicious craft beer from this recycled water is certain to encourage this trend in the future!

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