A Man’s Recovery from Depression is Cured By a Paper Cutting Hobby!!!

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Look at the amazing detail of this map of the central part of London, England that was created by a single person who displays a unique ability of paper cutting technique! This creation and the man’s heroic recovery from mental illness has quickly captured the attention of online viewers from around the world!

Andrew is a British man and the paper cut artist who produced such a wonderful work. He discovered this activity while attempting to recover from depression and discovered that he has a special talent which also resulted in his recovery!

A treatment for depression.

Andrew had a successful career as a middle manager in a multinational company began to experience symptoms of depression in 2015 and had to take an extended leave of absence from his job.

He began paper cutting as a hobby to help him recover and in time his skill developed to such a degree that he decided to launch his own company called “plan B studio” that produces and sells paper cuts!

By the way, Andrew attributes paper cutting as the main reason for his complete recovery from depression! Please take a look and some of his creations below.

The Thames River.

▼ The Thames River in Woolridge in eastern London.

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Take a look at Andrew’s hands as he makes these intricate paper cuts!

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The water flow of the river is beautifully captured with these detailed paper cuts!

A map of central London.

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It almost feels like you are looking at a real map somehow!


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The expanded view of his work reveals the amazing complexity and attention to detail of his paper cutting!

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A total of 5,888 holes were created on a single piece A3 sized paper!


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What did you think?

It’s truly elegant work with so much detail and unbelievable accuracy. This gentleman should be commended for creating such amazing work!

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