Watch a “Zen Master” Cat Meditate Silently with a Tiny Green Frog on Its Paw!!!

source: YouTube

Here is a small green frog sitting on one of the paws of a white cat is in a restful pose and appears to be meditating like “a Zen master”. There is another cat beside him who is anxious and trying to communicate with his silent friend. The white cat is named “Shiro” and his friend is named “Kuro”.

Does this cat know about the meaning of life?

Kuro: “Shiro”?
source: YouTube

Kuro: “Well, have you noticed it?”
source: YouTube

Shiro: “What”?
source: YouTube

Shiro: “I am meditating now”.
source: YouTube

Kuro: “There is a frog on your paw!”
source: YouTube

Shiro “I am meditating now”. “He is meditating now”.
source: YouTube

Concentrate, breathe and be silent and anything is possible in the world.

Please take a look and watch the extended video below.

See Video Here

Frog Version

Snail Version

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