A Mischievous Dog’s Discovery of Human Dentures Creates a Toothy Smile Photo Frenzy!!!

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A man living in the state of Sao Paulo in Brazil named “Lucas Alves Magallines” has s pet dog named “Pandora” who is always creating mischief by constantly digging holes in the family garden! One day, the dog uncovered something unusual and when Lucas finally saw what “Pandora” had found he burst into laughter!

Pandora’s favorite new toy.

When “Pandora” looked up and opened her mouth, Lucas noticed that there was something inside his mouth!

A dog wearing dentures? What a bizarre smile!
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source: facebook
“Pandora” had excavated someone’s “discarded dentures”!

Moreover, the dog had somehow managed to get them into her mouth and they fit perfectly!
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Why were these dentures buried in the family garden? It seems that the previous owners of the house was an elderly couple who appeared to discard a worn set of dentures by burying them in the garden!

“Pandora” likes wearing dentures! What a strange dog!
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The photos are both creepy and hilarious at the same time!
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What did you think?

When Lucas uploaded these hilarious photos on the social media network of Facebook, they quickly became a viral sensation and a big topic of discussion with online viewers everywhere!

source: facebook