See the Future Vision of a “Moon Village” on a Distant Planet with Frozen Water!!!

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Here is an image of an artist’s rendering of a “moon village” that has been proposed to be constructed on the surface of the moon based on the existence of a variety of natural resources!

In order for humans to live on the moon, it will be necessary to find the existence of surface water on the moon’s surface. Nevertheless, recent discoveries of frozen water on other planets and on the moon really does make these ambitious plans to establish a colonized village on another planet in our solar system!

Recent revelations of frozen water that have been found on the moon, on Mercury and Mars and on some asteroid bodies have raised hopes that colonization may indeed be a distinct possibility!

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Here are some amazing images taken from NASA’s planetary explorer “Dawn” on the planetary body called “Ceres” in 2015 which revealed the existence of frozen surface water.
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On Ceres, some areas are permanently shaded just like the moon with the temperature there averaging minus 200 degrees centigrade and is regarded as one of the coldest places in the solar system. Image analysis has detected potential pockets of frozen water (as shown in the above visual) that were trapped in these areas.
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Scientists have theorized that somehow frozen water may have been deposited on Ceres and the other planetary bodies mentioned above.
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It is thought that the underground ice may have been expelled by an “ice volcano”.
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And another possibility is “a collision of asteroids”.
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The phenomenon of water being trapped in cold and shaded areas has been confirmed so far on the Moon, on Ceres and on Mercury.

The discovery on Ceres has helped scientists to understand the moon’s frozen water more than before and this knowledge could eventually help to achieve human colonization such as the “moon village”.
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It is estimated that the construction of the “moon village” is still not realistic at this time but may be possible within the next 20 years according to the European Space Agency (ESA).

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