Watch a Small Puppy Being Trained as a Police Dog Attack a Human for the First Time!!!

source: YouTube

Here is a small dog in training to become police dog and his name is Drago and he is only 11 weeks old and is living with his trainer until he reaches 18 months old when he will be able to join the full training with the other dogs selected for this ordeal!

This is a state of training.
source: YouTube

The trainer and “Drago” approach a suspect and “Drago” launches into this attack!
source: YouTube

The small dog clutches the man’s foot in his mouth and refuses to let go!
source: YouTube

Although this small dog is silent, his aggression and strength is clearly noticeable!
source: YouTube

A man scoops up the small dog and tries to get the dog to release his bite but “Drago” will not yield!
source: YouTube

Finally, the dog is commanded to let go as this training is also about judging whether there is the correct temperament as a police dog which includes accepting commands without hesitation.

source: YouTube

What did you think?

This small dog still has a long way to go to become a fully trained police dog but he clearly has the personality and aggression to do a great job subduing criminals! Good Luck “Drago”!

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source: YouTube