See Some Cute and Bizarre Photographs of Two Cats Inside a Small Tank!!!


What is this?

Here is an unusual image of a pair with their military tank motif! They look quite happy and content with their toy which is called the “Ludipuss Interactive Cat Tank”!

This tank actually has a practical application as it allows the cats to scratch and sharpen their claws safely and comfortably without damage to any other of their owner’s furniture! So, this is a traditional “cat scratching post” in a interesting and colorful shape and design!


Cats often like to scratch and sharpen their claws for various reasons so the “interactive cat tank” provides a playful application as the cats can climb over and even into the tank to sharpen and clean their claws.

Looking from the side, it looks like this.


Besides sharpening their claws, the tank provides other entertaining applications such as toy rat and ping pong balls as shown in the photo.



What did you think?

You can purchase the “Ludipuss Interactive Cat Tank” online at the “Etsy” online shopping website that specializes in selling on shops handmade goods, vintage and craft materials and so on. The price is about USD $1,100 US dollars (JPY ¥120,000 yen).

If you are interested in learning more, please click on the website link below!