See a Stupendous Scene of One Frozen Fish Eating Another Frozen Fish Covered in Ice!!!

source: YouTube
Here is an unbelievable photograph of two frozen fish discovered in the middle of a frozen pond! black bus!

Two frozen fish in a frozen pond.

A larger fish is in the middle of eating a smaller fish and they have been frozen solid in the icy pond!

▼If you look closely, you can see that a black bass is being eaten by a northern pike!
source: YouTube
source: YouTube
Somehow the two fish were frozen in the pond as the as northern pike has half-eaten the smaller fish!

Removing the frozen fish from the ice!

Using a chain saw to cut out the thick ice!
source: YouTube
source: YouTube

The ice block is cut into a square.
source: YouTube

Ah! The ice block containing the two frozen fish is gently removed from the frozen pond.
source: YouTube

This is such a surreal sight.
source: YouTube
source: YouTube

Please take a look and watch the extended video below.

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This is a truly an amazing sight as the two fish seems to have frozen instantaneously! It is such a strange sight of the bigger fish in the process of devouring the smaller fish and frozen in that moment of time!

source: youtube / youtube