An Angry Goat Becomes a Star on a Surreal Version of the Street Fighter Video Game!!!

Here is the popular fighting game called “Street Fighter 2” that took the world by storm in the nearly two decades ago. However, a new star has emerged to become a champion on this video game and it is real life adult goat who is extremely angry and aggressive! So, a new version of this game has been created called “Street Fighter – Angry Goat Edition.” This game features an unpredictable and angry goat that is actually attacking people! Please take a look at these surreal images below.

▼ A person playing the game has the option to select “the angry goat” as a fighter in the game.

▼ Round 1 is between “the angry goat and motorbike” and the goat easily wins this match!

▼ Round 2 features “the angry goat” and a woman innocently walking down the street and the goat attacks her!

▼ Round 3 features “the angry goat” and a man and the aggressive animal also wins this match! was also participated Round 3.

What is the outcome of the game? I think that “the angry goat will end up being the champion of this version of the Street Fighter game!

See Video Here