See an Amazingly Rare Phenomenon of Twin Sisters with Totally Different Skin Colors!!!

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Here are some photographs of two babies who are twin sisters. However, these infants display an amazingly rare phenomenon of being born with totally different skin colors that has become a major topic of discussion among online viewers all over the world!

Their parents were the offspring between a caucasian mother named “Whitney” and a black father named “Thomas”. “Karani” inherited the white skin from her mother and “Jarani” inherited the black skin from her father.

For an interracial couple, there is only a one in five hundred chance that twins can be born with this unique aspect!

13876293_10155122687954418_8315192331318752868_n_Rsource: facebook

“Whitney” is extremely proud of her twin daughters and their uniqueness!

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What did you think?

In fact, there was an older brother named “Pravin” who was born with his twin sisters and had also inherited his father’s gene and skin color. Unfortunately, this young boy lost his life in a water accident and was only 2 years old!

The two girls continue to be healthy and happy and their parents continue to nurture these unique and delightful twin sisters!

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