Why is This Sea Lion is Relaxing on the Roof of This Passenger Car!?!?

source: YouTube

Why is a sea lion on the roof of this passenger car?

Here is a very unusual video that was filmed recently which shows a sea lion sitting on the roof of a passenger car that has become a huge topic with online viewers from all around the world!

What would you do if you discovered such a big animal on the roof of your car?

The video was taken in a parking lot in the state of Washington State in the United States and a group of people who has gathered around a car and and are looking at something.
source: YouTube

This looks so surreal and strange to see!
source: YouTube

While the camera is filming the massive sea lion continues to relax and appears to have no intention of moving!
source: YouTube

While the people take photos as well as trying to coax the animal off the car by honking the car’s horn, the sea lion seems oblivious to everything except enjoying the sun from this spot!

How long will the sea lion stay there?
source: YouTube

It seems that the police were later called and managed to disturb the animal off the car without incident!

Please take a look and watch the extended video below.

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source: YouTube

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