See the Massive Crack in the Antarctic Ice Shelf That Has Never Been Seen Before!!!

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What is this!

Giant cracks are spreading on the shelf ice in Antarctica and it has quickly become a huge topic of discussion with online viewers everywhere!

This massive crack in the shelf ice was discovered last October and a video was taken by a drone camera and published by the British Antarctic Research Institute on January 16th this year.

source: YouTube

It is said that this huge crack is spreading rapidly and that the shelf ice could separate and create an extraordinarily large iceberg which comprise approximately 5,000 square kilometers! The thickness of the ice is about 350 meters deep and the crack is said to be over 100 kilometers long.

source: YouTube

The crack seems to extend to considerable depth as shown in the image.

source: YouTube

The local crew of scientists who investigated this phenomemon were forced to evacuate from the area in March due to concerns about a potential collapse of the ice or the creation of new cracks and drifting ice.

source: YouTube

If the Antarctic shelf ice separates and increases the flow of glaciers and icebergs into the ocean, the possibility that the sea level will rise can not be denied. The effects of global warming is certainly impacting the polar caps of the Earth!

Please take a look and watch the extended video below.

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source: YouTube