See a Guy Type Continuously for Over 9 Hours to Break a World Record!!!

source: YouTube
Here is a guy named “Hunter Hobbs” who is about to attempt a very reckless and useless challenge as he will keep pressing the ↓ key without touching the shortcut key (Ctrl + ↓ key) on the “Excel” spreadsheet until he gets to the last possible line of the spreadsheet as there are 1,048,576 rows! It took nearly nine hours to achieve this pressing of the ↓ key as his ridiculous challenge is chronicled in these images below!

A challenge never done by anyone in the world before!

It may seem quite foolish to attempt but actually this is a really tough challenge to try!

source: YouTube

▼ Here is Hunter hydrating before his attempt as he will be unable to move for almost nine hours!
source: YouTube

▼ Talking on the phone is fine just as long as he keeps pressing the key!
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▼ Here is Hunter eating pizza.
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▼ Why the baseball bat?
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▼ His next snack is a hamburger.
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▼ Killing time with a toy is another activity to do as this nine-hour challenge is so long!
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▼ He even spends some of the time reading a book as well!
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When the record is finally broken, there are a total of 1,048,576 continuous rows on the computer! What an amazing feat!
source: YouTube
It is one of those challenges that doesn’t really seem worthwhile but this guy was still able to achieve it which is very impressive!

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What did you think?

Most people would never consider such a challenge! I think what he accomplished is quite amazing though! How he was able not go to the restroom for over nine hours is a mystery to me!

source: youtube