See Images of a Rare “Ruby Sea Dragon” Recently Discovered in Australia!!!

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Here are some images of a rare sea creature which was recently discovered in the waters off Australia and is named the “Ruby Sea Dragon”! It is believed that these images of this creature swimming is the first time ever seen!

A Phantom Creature.

Until now, the “Ruby Sea Dragon” had been regarded as a phantom creature since no one had ever seen one before! It was said that the research team made repeated deep water dives before finally photographing this newly discovered creature!

source: YouTube

The “Ruby Sea Dragon” belongs to the “Elephantidae family” and resembles a seahorse and it was thought there were only two existing species, the “Lee Fee Sea Dragon” and “Weed Deece Dragon” and now the “Ruby Red Sea Dragon”.

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Here is the sea creature swaying on the bottom of the ocean floor! Please take a look and watch the extended video below.

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