Have You Ever Seen the Mysterious Beauty of “Jewelry Ice” in Hokkaido???

source: twitter @KAGAYA_11949

Beautiful, magnificent, delicate and mysterious. This is something that I have never seen before.

It is a work based on the theme of constellations and the universe and KAGAYA(@KAGAYA_11949) was photographed on the island of Hokkaido in Japan during the early morning hours of Tuesday, January 17th.

The glittering and shiny objects lying on the sandy beach are tiny pieces of ice being launched into the waves and is commonly known as “jewelry ice”.

source: twitter @KAGAYA_11949

source: twitter @KAGAYA_11949

These tiny morsels of “jewelry ice” nestled in the sand and rising and falling with the tide is a scene that is so beautiful that one is moved to silence.

What did you think?

“Jewelry ice” occurs when a perfect combination of nature’s forces occur. Cold and clear air, gentle ocean waves and the early daylight of dawn on a cold day in Hokkaido create these diamond crystals of ice!

source: twitter @KAGAYA_11949/twitter @hina_oo_oo/twitter @Red_Gentleness/twitter @clever223

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