See the Astonishing Moves of a “Real-Life Kung-Fu Panda” on Video!!!

source: YouTube

Here is a video and some photo images of a “Real-Life Kung Fu Panda”! This man demonstrates superb technique and amazing athletic ability to be able to replicate all of the spectacular movements of the world famous animation character!

In fact, this story originates from a recently completed movie which is titled “Kung-Fu Panda in Real Life – Sebastien Charron” who is the star and real-life kung-fu master and practitioner!

This demonstration has spectacular movements!
source: YouTube

source: YouTube

Rotating off the side of a wall with a somersault!
source: YouTube

The amazing movement of “Parkour”.

Sebastian Charron is also an accomplished practitioner of “parkour” which is also known as “free running”. It takes place on city streets and utilizes movement such as running, jumping, climbing, climbing, crossing, landing, taking advantage of walls and other local topography.

source: YouTube

The “parkour” practitioner attempts to take advantage of the immediate terrain around him so that the acrobatic movements look like some type of spontaneous ballet! It is simply spectacular to witness the skill and athleticism of “parkour”.
source: YouTube

Please take a look and watch the following video of Sebastien Charron’s spectacular “kung-fu” abilities in this amazing performance!

See Video Here

source: YouTube