See a Glass Bridge in China Suspended Nearly 300 Meters Above the Ground!!!

source: YouTube

The illusion of walking in the air!

There are a number of innovative designs being created recently in China and here is a bridge that provides people with a spectacular experience with a clear glass floor while the bridge is suspended in the air at a height of just over 300 meters above the ground!
source: YouTube

The bridge is located in a scenic area of Hunan province in China and is popular with tourist who love to enjoy the beauty of nature!

source: YouTube

Highly reflective stainless steel was used for the framework of the bridge which allows people an unimpeded view.

source: YouTube

Also, the floor of the bridge consists of interlacing transparent materials and black stones. The black stones are reflective which creates an optical illusion.

source: YouTube

The designer of this bridge is a French architectural firm named Martin Daffoplantier Architects and they have truly created a futuristic bridge suspended in the air.

Amid concerns about the safety of the design, some advance tests were undertaken in which a car crossed the bridge and several attempts were to damage the materials by pounding them with a hammer before officially opening to worldwide acclaim!

Please take a look at the extended video below.

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