A Firefighter Somehow Revives an Unconscious Puppy and is Acclaimed Worldwide!!!

source: YouTube
Here is an amazing image of a Romanian firefighter reviving an unconscious puppy and ultimately saved the animals life became globally acclaimed topic of discussion and praise with online viewers from around the world!

A fire had occurred in a residence somewhere in Romania and firefighters were called to the scene where a 51-year-old man and his dog were rescued! The man was largely unharmed and was required to to go the hospital to be checked out by emergency staff but the small dog was in a state of cardiopulmonary arrest and unconscious so a courageous firefighter attempted cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) to revive the small animal!

CPR on an unconscious puppy!

A firefighter attempted to fit an Costache Mugure an oxygen mask to revive the small dog. When this proved to be unsuccessful, the firefighter attempted to use “mouth to mouth” resuscitation on the unconscious dog!
source: YouTube

Here is a photograph of the firefighter attempting save the tiny dog’s life!
source: YouTube

See Video Here

Desperate life-saving measures have been given, but the movie will be interrupted halfway through.

Firefighter ‘s cardiopulmonary resuscitation helps you save the life!

This amazing video was posted on Facebook and the heroic efforts of this firefighter has been praised by online viewers around the world though the posted video is interrupted about halfway through!

The facial expression of the firefighter shows just how concerned he is for the tiny dog’s life!

The puppy’s life was extreme peril!

Fortunately, The puppy’s condition was stabilized and the animal was then transported to an emergency veterinary hospital.

The very next day, this amazing video was posted on Facebook and quickly became a huge topic of popularity with online viewers concerned with the puppy’s condition and impressed with the amazing skill and dedication of the firefighter!

I was so impressed by the quick thinking and determination of this firefighting professional who saved the life of this unfortunate dog! Thank you very much for saving this puppy’s life!

source: youtube / people.com / facebook