See a Rare Video of Two Cats with Completely Synchronized Movements!!!

source: YouTube

Here are two remarkable cats whose movements are completely synchronized and have somehow been captured on video!

Here are the two cats staring at a wall which is a pretty common sight.

source: YouTube

Then, the two felines jump at exactly the same time towards the wall!

source: YouTube

Here is the start of the video. See how their movements are completely synchronized! Their final destination also appears to be the same and their subsequent movements are also exactly the same at the same time! How is that possible? Is it a coincidence?

source: YouTube

Their facial expressions appear to be frozen in total focus as they navigate the wall It is amazing to watch their movements on video!

source: YouTube

Then the other cat also turns his eyes round and looks in the same direction as his partner. Everything is perfectly synchronized.

source: YouTube

This is such a coincidence that is simply remarkable to see! The cats seem to have some type of telepathy with each other as they navigate the wall with the precisely the same movements at the same time!

Please watch and enjoy the extended video below.

See Video Here

source: YouTube