Read the Words of an 85-Year-Old Grandmother Farming the Same Field for 63 Years!!!


British video artist Mackenzie Shepherd introduce his most recent documentary which is titled “Oba-Chan”. He interviews an 85-year-old Japanese woman who has been farming on the same plot of land for the past 63 years!

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Here are the Strong burly fingers of the grandmother’s hand covered in soil.

I must guard and the protect the land of my ancestors and have been farming it for the past 63 years.

I could not rely on my sons and daughters.

The work has become more difficult year after year.

This life is tough but I wouldn’t live any other way.

One must live and follow one’s beliefs and dreams.

The aging population of Japan has become a social problem and this grandmother is a symbol of a more traditional way of life that is changing forever. She has such a nice smile but there is such inner strength in this elderly woman!