Watch an Astonishing Rescue of a Labrador Retriever from a Frozen River Just in Time!!!

fd001607Here is a Labrador Retriever clinging on the edge of an ice filled frozen river and on the verge of succumbing to the extreme cold of the water. At this time, an emergency rescue team attempt to save the dog from certain death while putting their own lives at risk!


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Here is one of the rescue personnel attempting to approach the dog with a rope. This is a desperate situation.

The rescue team member somehow reaches the dog and raises the animal up out of the frozen water. Look at the sense of relief of the dog at this moment!

The dog is still in serious situation as the animal now must be warmed up quickly or die from exposure to the extreme cold temperatures outside.

The rescue team wrap the dog up in a blanket and wait for their vehicle to arrive.

Emergency personnel stroke the the dog continuously so the animal will not lose consciousness.

This dog went to the hospital straight away and the animal managed to survive this terrible ordeal and a video was taken of the healthy pooch two years after this rescue took place. Please watch the following video of the healthy and happy dog!

This dog’s life was saved thanks to the heroism of those emergency rescue personnel who risked their lives in that frozen river!


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