A Parental Love is Observed Between a Maternal Chicken and an Infant Kitten on Video!!!

source: YouTube

Here is a chicken and the hen appears to be nestling over some eggs but a black furry figure is seen! What is this strange and unusual image?

When you discover the actual identity of the mysterious animal, you will clearly be surprised and amazed!

Child Love beyond the animal species.

The farmer responsible this egg laying chicken decided to capture this heartwarming scene on video!

Here is the indoor enclosure when the chicken resides.

source: YouTube

At the corner of the hut, the mother chicken is sitting quietly.

source: YouTube

Keeper “Did you lay some eggs? What is underneath you? for?”

When the farmer takes a look underneath the chicken, he is taken aback!

source: YouTube

The figure of a tiny kitten is being cared for by the mother hen!

source: YouTube

This is a startling discovery! How did this happen?

This video provides the answer to the mystery as it seems that the tiny kitten was searching for someplace warm to sleep when the infant animal wandered upon the mother hen and found a receptive and kindhearted mother who chose not to distinguish and express her maternal instinct!

So, the mother hen instinctively decided to nestle and nurture the tiny animal and show some maternal kindness that is just delightful to see!

source: YouTube

Please take a look at this wonderful video and the parental love this mother chicken displays toward this tiny kitten!

See Video Here

source: YouTube

What do you think?

This is such a heartwarming relationship between such widely different animals that is just wonderful to see!