See a Remarkable Photo of a Fish Swimming Inside a Jellyfish in the Sea!!!

source: instagram
Have you ever seen such a remarkable photograph? This bizarre image of a fish seemingly swimming inside a jellyfish was taken by an Australian photographer named Tim Samuel and was posted on Instagram where it soon attracted the interest of online viewers from all over the world!.

source: instagram
Tim is a photographer who posts his photographs of creatures from the sea and he has been fortunate enough to film some spectacular images as shown in these selected photos below.

source: instagram
This phenomenon was captured on film for the first time ever and scientists have estimated that such a situation of seeing a living fish inside a jellyfish is a one in a million possibility! Tim had never seen anything remotely like this in his five years as a photographer and he was truly fortunate to capture this creature on film!

However, isn’t this fish being digested inside the jellyfish? It is difficult to tell but the fish does seem to be controlling the movement of the jellyfish!

source: instagram

Such a collision between a fish and jellyfish is highly possible in the currents and movements within the sea but having a hybrid creature survive is truly miraculous!

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Nature is always revealing new and amazing discoveries and I hope that this photographer is on hand to photograph more amazing creatures never seen before in the future!

source: instagram