See a Delightful Video of a Family of Raccoons Climbing Up a Tree!!!

source: YouTube
Here is an absolutely delightful video of a family of raccoons returning to their home high up in a tree! As the tiny children dutifully follow their mother, one of the youngest and tiniest babies needs special assistance from Mom to make it all the way home!

Watching this family of animals makes one realize just how similar this family is to a human family and it is certain to make you smile!

Please take a look and watch the extended video below.

See Video Here

Mom is moving at quite a fast pace and her body language seems to be saying “Let’s go back home quickly, please!”
source: YouTube

When the family arrives, all of the baby raccoons are able to make it inside except the youngest and smallest raccoon so Mom provides the support so that no one is left behind!

This mother raccoon really shows her love and compassion toward her kids!
source: YouTube

This short video is so heartwarming and makes one really appreciate just how important family is creatures of every shape and kind!

I hope that the baby raccoons appreciate just how much their mother loves and cares for them! This raccoon family affair was an absolute delight to warm your heart!

source: youtube

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